Anaerobic Digester Project

I visited Energy Expo Now on Thursday to discuss anaerobic digestion projects for making energy from municipal solid waste. There are quite a few projects underway in the UK.

The show was mainly targeted at the on-farm market where crop residues and animal waste form the bulk of feedstock.

Completing this project by July, plus the Biomass 2 and Solar 2 MSc modules and doing some mobile app developer work for iPhone/Android/Blackberry apps is certainly going to keep things busy.

Here are some related links:

Deerdykes with Monsal energy from MSW is under construction, the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal authority has several plants in progress, based on this one in Lubeck. Also Linkoping in Sweden is a good reference point.
BtG (biogas to grid) looks to be another key developing market.
And recently a 100MW biomass plant has been announced for Southampton. Basic AD process diagram.

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