Note this website hasn’t had much attention in recent years. Please see Winchester Innovation Ltd for more contemporary information.

Nick Thorne (LinkedIn) has 24+ lots of years of experience in high technology innovation garnered from 18 years in research and development at Philips Semiconductors / NXP followed by 16 months as head of enterprise at Solent University.

Currently running Winchester Innovation Ltd, a computer consultancy based in Hampshire.

Topics covered are listed below and given in more detail under the projects area of this website.

  • Business development & networking in the electronics and software industries.
  • Lots of web technologies
  • Embedded hardware and software project analysis, costings, feasibility study, management and design.
  • iPhone and Android App requirements capture, specification and development.
  • Microelectronics project consultancy.
  • Database design and maintenance (PHP, MySQL, ASP, Access) & web applications (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress).
  • Business development; prospect identification, approach plan, approach and collaboration.
  • Search engine marketing and eCommerce website requirements capture and implementation.
  • Collaborations with universities, researchers, third parties and funding agencies.

In summary, we do project scoping, prospect analysis, business development, project estimation and justification. Project management. Hands on implementation from design through to test, documentation and sales support. Objective-C, iOS, Android, C#, C++, PICs, FPGA to full custom to RTOS, Linux, WinCE, J2ME, UI design and evaluation, ARM, MIPs, GNU tools, configuration management and problem reporting etc etc. Software requirements analysis, specification, procurement, acceptance testing and licence specification, review and negotiation. Team building, team development and team driving.

Recent activities:

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