New Android smartphones + app fragementation

Xiamoi, THL, Zopo, OnePlus, nope, thought you’d not have heard of them. They are the new Chinese smartphone kids on the block. Busy taking stock Android designs and churning out high class phones for not very much money. Take the Zopo ZP998. Available online for around £185. Its got 8 processors, 2GB  RAM, 16GB on

03 Sep 2014

When behavioural economics meets neo-cortex reverse engineering

Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm Computing and Handspring has spent his life reverse engineering the neo-cortex. He wrote a book in 2005 called “On Intelligence“, which I have just finished reading. Last year I also read Nobel prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow” published in 2011. Here is an extract from each: p.59/60

16 Feb 2014

anyTide Project Completed

Quick update to say that anyTide is now in App Store after many months of careful design and development. Read more about it on Winchester Innovation website.

21 Mar 2013

Kickstarter and the intelligent light bulb

One of the poster boy projects on Kickstarter is this, The LIFX Smartbulb. Many things are amazing here: 1) That 9,203 backers pledged $1,314,681 of the $100,000 target. 2) This isn’t an original idea. Philips has recently launched just such a product exclusively through Apple called hueLED. 3) LIFX tweets and discussions on Kickstarter are

14 Nov 2012

Charts showing bank generated money = house price increases

I have just been researching sold prices of properties around us in an assessment of whether to invest in a BTL flat. The first chart shows money created by banks (from Positive Money here), the second from the Dept of National Statistics shows house prices. Coincidence – I think not ! So, house prices are

04 Oct 2012

Is the clock ticking for free Apple App Store games ?

I was close to Silicon Roundabout for a TIGA event “Battle of the Platforms” yesterday. Speaking to games developers on every platform from Playstation to Xbox to IOS to HTML5, Android, Unity3D, Flash etc. IOS (iPhone/iPad) was the most important platform. With one caveat, the prices are dropping due to white hot competition. This could

20 Sep 2012

Feasibility Study of Anaerobic Digester for South Hampshire

The thesis from my MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology: Abstract: This paper investigates the feasibility of processing the organic fraction of the municipal solid waste from the Winchester, Southampton, Eastleigh and wider areas (population ~450,000) using anaerobic digestion. Commercial and agricultural organic waste is also considered. Data for feedstock location, volumes and type is

25 Aug 2012

Renewable Energy on an Intercontinental Scale

Countries around the Mediterranean sea have a coincidence of needs in that the Southern countries would like economic development (some foreign earnings) and the Northern countries would like cheap and secure energy. Two projects have been promoted for a while that aim to utilise these complementary needs through application of renewable energy technology. The first,

28 May 2012

Mobile App Skills: A Note to Universities

Last week, I had a welcome enquiry from one of our local universities asking which skills students need to work in the mobile app industry. Here is my reply: I have tried to find students from the Southampton area to write mobile apps. But find the good ones are busy already For mobile apps, we

31 Jan 2012

22 years of Java in Interactive TV and Still Waiting for the Revolution

Listening to all the hubbub in CES2012 about TVs with Apps being the next big thing give cause for a wry chuckle. These TVs are mainly based on Google’s Android operating system. And the thing is that Android is based on a layer of Java on top of Linux. What’s funny ? Well, it has

10 Jan 2012
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