Reducing home energy use through heated clothing

About 18 months ago, I worked up the attached paper entitled “Thermally Active Clothing for Building Carbon Footprint Reduction” by Nick Thorne and Simon Bramwell. “Abstract – Clothing with built in heat sources and thermal controls is becoming more popular. This study investigates possibilities for reducing the energy consumption of buildings through smart use of

27 Nov 2011

iOS 5, iCloud and the great caching debate

I am currently working on an iPad app that when deployed will refer to a 2GByte product catalogue stored locally. It has to be stored locally because customers are not always in an area with 3G and or broadband. Enter Apple’s iOS 5 upgrade, and the new caching behaviour that has put developers into a

28 Oct 2011

MSc Renewable Energy Topics

It has taken since 2008 to complete the 8 modules and project. So about time for a wrap up of the topics studied. Each module is made up of a 3 hour exam worth 75% to 85% of the marks, with the balance from a project. The 8 modules I took are as follows: Wind

09 Oct 2011

One app up one app down

Today, we finally got our iPad app into App Store. We were caught up in the In App Purchase rule changes. First we had to add it, then the rules relaxed half way through implementation, so we asked again and they accepted it as was. I also took down Anchor Alarm Free. I have been

25 Jul 2011


Sorry this blog has been a bit quiet of late. That’s because things have been rather busy in Nick Thorne Ltd. The MSc keeps on coming, with the interim report on an anaerobic digester plant submitted. While it is the greenest way to process waste by far, it is also one of the most techno

17 May 2011

Anaerobic Digester Project

I visited Energy Expo Now on Thursday to discuss anaerobic digestion projects for making energy from municipal solid waste. There are quite a few projects underway in the UK. The show was mainly targeted at the on-farm market where crop residues and animal waste form the bulk of feedstock. Completing this project by July, plus

19 Feb 2011

Renewable Energy MSc Project: Solar, Wind, Fish …?

Today has been mainly spent reading through the 2009/2010 projects list for my renewable energy MSc at Loughborough University. Just to get an idea of the kinds of projects we are likely to see on offer for 2010/2011. There are projects from every area of renewable energy, solar, wind, wave and biomass. They cover integration

10 Nov 2010

Anchor Alarm Free: a Free Google Android Anchor Alarm App

Quite a bit of spare time has been sucked up over the last two weeks knocking together an anchor alarm app for Google Android. One for the yacht sailors, so they can sup their G&Ts with confidence in the knowledge that this little app (for use as a back up only of course – see

30 Oct 2010

PowerMeter and Android

Sorry things have been a little quiet recently. Been experimenting with programming some Google Android apps using Eclipse + ADT. Some location based ideas are brewing. I also had a tinker with Google AppInventor which is a great tool if you don’t know how to code. But if you do it seriously bends the mind.

01 Oct 2010

The Right Kind of Angel Investors

I was listening to a radio program (In Business) about how PayPal started. Back in 1998 there was a very clever Ukrainian student trying to create a payment gateway between two Palm Pilots using infrared. You can read some of it here. The really interesting point for me was how the investors were a bunch

04 Sep 2010
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