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Just spent 2 days reviewing keywords, mainly using Google’s Adwords SKtool. Found that one particular key phrase is worth 10x more traffic than the next best one. So that’s easy then The other issue is improving the traffic metering. I already use Google Analytics. But have added filtering out of the admin IP addresses. I

02 Dec 2008

Anaerobic digesters and search engines, a usual week

It has been a fairly manic week. Monday I drove to Loughborough Uni for the first day of lectures on Biomass (energy from). It has it’s place in terms of being a good way to get rid of waste and make some money from it in the process. Monday afternoon was spent writing a tutorial

14 Nov 2008

Content Management Systems and Freelance Consulting

This site will soon have to start working for a living. I switched from $15 per annum z-host to £3.99 per month Zen to get a much faster response time. I also need to research some content management systems in order to turn this into a site more fitting for a freelance consulting engineer and

23 Oct 2008

Discussions with David Smith of The Times

Over the last 2 years or so, I have engaged in some discussions with David Smith, Economics Editor of The Times. (OK, I should get out more I know). He posts his Sunday Times article onto his own blog for discussion during the week on . I commented on his story from Dec 14th,

07 Sep 2008

Adam Smith, Human Nature, Capitalism and Realism

Three of my holiday reading books put together came up with an interesting insight into human nature. The books were “The Genome” by Matt Ridley followed by “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: The Shocking Story of How America Really Took Over the World” by John Perkins, then followed up with “On the Wealth of

26 Aug 2008

Eco-Renovation rather than Eco-Building

Having visited EcoBuild 2008, I was a little disappointed with the headlong rush to build new eco-friendly homes rather than renovate the existing stock, which is really the only answer. However, I just found this very good post on about making a 100 year old end of terrace into an almost carbon neutral home.

16 Jun 2008

Did Moores Law wreck the US Economy ?

Interesting article here. Seems to say that Moore’s Law caused a fundamental miscalculation of the US economy productivity growth throughout the 1990s. Did Moore’s Law hide the fundamental weakness of the US economy? Are the dotcom boom/bust and housing boom/bust a result of this monetary mis-management ? Quote: “There has been no productivity growth acceleration

09 May 2008

The Un-Interview

Well, I have seen it all at work now. Following many months of redundancy process, there were two people competing for voluntary redundancy with one candidate to replace one of them. So, how to decide which is to go ? The answer …. hold a couple of “un-interviews”. I kid you not, one of my

01 May 2008

Social TV

I recently attended two days of conferences at The IET. The first day was Next Generation Networks . The second on IPTV. I think the broadcasters and ISPs have missed a trick. Witness the massive growth in internet advertising spend , fast catching up with TV spend in the UK. TV is being delivered as

14 Jan 2008

Microsoft TechFest

Just been checking out some stuff fromthe Microsoft TechFest posted on Scobleizer. There are a lot of similarities to stuff seen at Philips over the years… guess all techies think alike See here Techfest link

21 Mar 2007
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