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Is the clock ticking for free Apple App Store games ?

I was close to Silicon Roundabout for a TIGA event “Battle of the Platforms” yesterday. Speaking to games developers on every platform from Playstation to Xbox to IOS to HTML5, Android, Unity3D, Flash etc.

IOS (iPhone/iPad) was the most important platform. With one caveat, the prices are dropping due to white hot competition.

This could choke off quality content supply if it isn’t dealt with because developers need money to continue.

So, will we see new Apple App Store review policies designed to buoy up App Prices in future? Supply is already limited by App Store reviewers for some genres like “fart apps”. But this kind of measure doesn’t help developers much, it’s too late by then, the cash has been spent.

A better solution would be to put a floor on prices somehow.

For instance, remove the free price band from App Store.

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