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Kickstarter and the intelligent light bulb

One of the poster boy projects on Kickstarter is this, The LIFX Smartbulb.

Many things are amazing here:

1) That 9,203 backers pledged $1,314,681 of the $100,000 target.

2) This isn’t an original idea. Philips has recently launched just such a product exclusively through Apple called hueLED.

3) LIFX tweets and discussions on Kickstarter are talking about linking media to controling the lights, also done by Philips in ~2003. See Physical Markup Language and the following spin out AMBX in their Ambient Intelligence strategy.

4) It just goes to show, just occasionally (very occasionally) knowing too much is as much a barrier as knowing too little :)

PS. Exeter’s own CrowdCube looks interesting.

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