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New Android smartphones + app fragementation

Xiamoi, THL, Zopo, OnePlus, nope, thought you’d not have heard of them.

They are the new Chinese smartphone kids on the block. Busy taking stock Android designs and churning out high class phones for not very much money.

Take the Zopo ZP998. Available online for around £185. Its got 8 processors, 2GB  RAM, 16GB on board Flash + 32GB SD card. 5.5″ screen at 1920 x 1080, 14MPix front camera, 5Mpix rear camera, Android 4.4, USB OTG, NFC, BLE…. and on and on.

Then there is OnePlusOne, so good you have to be “invited” to buy one.

Meanwhile Samsung is trying hard to make themselves less relevant by pushing their Tizen Linux based OS. Which really doesn’t help developers at all.

iOS is becoming more fragmented as new devices with new form factors hit the market, while older ones continue to be used. Android has well know fragementation issues. Windows Phone may at last be gaining some traction thanks to the really rather good Lumia range.

That said, HTML5 continues to offer a get-out clause, but only if you use a sub-set of the hardware. I wouldn’t like to have to test an HTML5 app over Android/iOS/WinPhone/Tizen/Blackberry/Firefox OS/OSX/Linux/Windows (all major API versions) plus the different device models plus the different browsers, plus the different versionsof each browser, then an almost infinite combination of all of the above. Though there are tools….

Software developers call it ‘The Matrix of Pain‘.

Better to stick with stock Android and iOS for now. Especially as new fast and cheap ‘droid devices give Apple and Samsung a run for their money mountains.

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