YouTube TV

The Brief: Use NXP silicon products and system know-how to enable to be viewed from the comfort of the couch. Basically allow the consumer to watch what he wants when he wants on the TV rather than on the laptop. The demo is reviewed here. And yes, we did use a Wiimote for the remote controller.

We had three months to produce a technology demonstrator prototype. We made contact with Google Video and the BBC. Established the codecs and UI software required. Then trawled for a third party software vendor willing to support Flash and On2 VP6 on our set top box reference design (STB810 with the PNX8550).

I appointed contractors to do the porting. It was a real tough task because Adobe and related suppliers of Flash technology are not geared up for non PC non cellphone platforms. To make it more complex, the PNX8550 is heterogeneous dual processor device, sporting a MIPS and two Trimedia cores. The MIPS running WinCE or Linux, Trimedia running TSSA (Trimedia Software Streaming Architecture).

We got the demo working in time for our demos. Though the problem is how to manage change in the long term. Are Youtube willing to provide a static set of APIs to service TVs and STBs that will hang around in people’s homes for 10 years ?

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