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I have had several enquiries over the past few months asking how this website was put together, so I am creating this “about this website” page to save sending the same email out repeatedly.

I use to register the domain. They are fairly cheap ~ £2 per annum for a They have a good control panel that lets you change settings 24/7.I set my A, CNAME and TXT records to point to the IP address provided by my host.

For hosting I use Zen Internet’s Bronze Linux hosting package. It is £3.99 per month on a monthly contract. You can get free hosting, but there are 2 reasons why I don’t use that. One is that this is a UK based IP address, so the site appears on Google searches with UK only clicked. The other is speed. The Zen host is very quick. Much quicker than the Fastnet hosting I use with another website I manage. A third is very high quality support (best for support in Which ? magazine for 5 years running) – but I have only had to call them once.

For email, in 123-reg control panel I set up email forwarding to my Gmail account. In Gmail Settings Accounts I set up a “send email as” setting to the email address for this website. In other words I use my Gmail account for several email addresses.

For the content, I use WordPress, the best free content management system for personal / small business websites with blogs. It has good search engine compatibility, it is easy to install and configure and there are zillions of templates available fro free or paid for to get the look you want. I use the K2 template at present.

I am about to set up a new business website and am playing with Joomla and ocportal. If I have time I may look at Drupal too. Joomla and Drupal are more geared towards busines websites. Ocportal seems to do everything including forums, discussion groups, ecommerce and a catalogue. Others worth considering are zencart and oscommerce.

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