iPhone App

Nick undertook this project during Q1/Q2 of 2010 whilst working for Solent University. A client approached the university wanting to develop a game similar in many ways to Twister.

One suggestion made was to create an iPhone App version of the game. This was readily taken up. This required three roles, a graphic designer, an App programmer and some project management and IP protection.

So Nick engaged Phil Payne, a Solent University intern to do the graphic design. You can see Phil’s work on his company website, Design group 66. Nick used LinkedIn to ask his network of contacts for iPhone App programming skills, he also trawled Solent University computing department staff and students. Martin Lockett, an ex colleague from NXP had the best track record and agreed to undertake the programming.

Nick wrote the project plan, issued a quote and contract to the client. He also engaged Martin with appropriate NDA and IP assignment agreements. Nick also negotiated the price with client and sub contractors.

The client (who can be revealed when the product is launched) is very happy with the result.

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